Misericórdia do Porto is aware of the new social needs of the population, acting quickly and efficiently in the search for differentiating solutions, which put it at the forefront of the new answers. Combining tradition and social innovation, Misericórdia do Porto develops activities in the support and care of the senior; of people in situations of social and / or homelessness; women victims of domestic violence and children and young people at risk. 

The Social Action of the Misericórdia do Porto has as its main mission the support in solving neglected social problems through integrated and innovative solutions with high impact in the Society. 

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Know the causes supported by the project:

We support our

We want to support the firefighters in their various missions. So that they can respond, with a high degree of readiness, to requests of emergent nature of protection and rescue, to actions of prevention and combat in scenarios of fires, serious accidents and catastrophes in any place in the national territory or outside the country and in other missions within the scope of Civil Protection;

never again

This project intends to release very significant funds to support social protection and humanitarian causes, in the national territory and in exceptional cases abroad.

We give love to our Seniors

Improved health care with increased life expectancy has promoted the growing aging of the population. The current rhythm of life drives the family away from the elderly, who in turn feel more marginalized. Let's cherish and support our seniors.