To participate in the project, we invite public figures of international renown that stand out for their life course and for their solidarity with others.

The Public Figures place exclusive videos in DoGoodToo network, its followers or people in general who wish to support the noble causes can do so by subscribing the service here.

See here some of the celebrities who participate in the project:

Mário Monteiro

He started his football career at Futebol Clube do Porto. At the same time, he studied Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto, completing his degree in 1980.

João Silva

João competed in the SIC Ídolos program in 2007 (edition in which the singer reached the piano stage) and in Operation Trium in 2012, but without significant results.

Ana Pinto

Ana Pinto became known after winning the super model contest. She was photographed for Vogue, Glamor, Elle and French Biba magazines, as well as for Spanish magazine Elle.